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Stories from the kennel boy

There are loads of books about dogs.  Some are general, others are breed specific. Whether your dog is to be a family pet or you
want to train for some purpose such as  show, obedience, working, or agility, there will be a book for you.  There are books on
veterinary care, breeding, raising a puppy, care of the mature dog.  You name it, there will be a book on it somewhere- all
written by people who are experts.

These stories are not like that. They recount some of our experiences living with our dogs.  Highs and lows, fun and sadness.

We will add another each month or so- at least until we run out of ideas !

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1912- Littleport, Cambridgeshire
1970- How it starts
1970- The first Shows
1972- Planned Marriage
1972- What’s in a name
1973- The “B” litter
1974- First First Twice
1976- Training the Kennel Boy et al.
1977- Conversation on a day trip to Skegness

Red titles are the most recent added